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Upcycle Old T Shirts with these DIY Fashion Statements



DIY T shirts are making a comeback! That’s right… T-shirts everywhere are being reincarnated into DIY fashion statements! Reminiscent of the “Flashdance” era when hacking up your sweatshirts to drape off your shoulders was acceptable attire, these trash to treasure projects will give function to your outdated tees and tanks.

Up-cycling is finding its way into the fashion industry. Try your hand at using the scissors on one of your (or your husband’s) old t-shirts to create one of these updated versions of the classic tee while reducing your carbon footprint.


Trash to Couture

Learn how to re-create this adorable gathered tee at TrashToCouture.com, perfect for an afternoon out at the ballpark or a picnic with your best friends.

DIY No Sew T-Shirt Vest

Grab a pair of scissors and one of your favorite color t shirts, then head over to Wobisobi to learn how to make this adorable vest, a cute addition to shirt pair of jean shorts.

Tank Top Totes

To learn how to make your own tank top tote, visit CraftyNest.com for a step-by-step tutorial and show off your creativity on your arm.

Have fun and get creative with these adorable DIY fashion makeovers!  How have you up-cycled outdated t shirts into a new fashion trend?


Also check out our latest DIY upcycled t shirt tutorial – The Crossback Top

diy t shirt tshirt tutorial crossback crossed back tank top tee easy project sew

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