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Green Design – Eco-Chic Furniture for Your Home

As a society we are becoming more and more environmentally minded. Taking care of our earth is becoming a bigger priority in many of our lives and more of us are looking for ways to incorporate eco friendly materials into our interior decorating. Following you will see that the term eco friendly has taken on many forms. Check out these fabulous, eco-chic green design  items that are both green and stylish.

Eco Friendly and Eco-Chic Furniture

I have a bit of a design crush on DesignbyThem. Not only do they have a modest name but their products all have a sustainable focus.

Versatile Green Design – Eco Friendly Furniture That Functions

The material for their butter stool is made from recycled milk cartons – talk about green design!

I would have every piece if I could, but my new favourite is the fractal table. Perfect for parties it can be pulled apart and placed next to sofas or put back together as a coffee table. It holds together with magnets.

This eco-friendly, modern design by SHINER is both interesting and functional in its design.

Cardboard furniture is an easy way to stay environmentally minded while adding a fun and fascinating piece to your interior design at a reasonable cost.

We’ll be on the lookout for more green design items and eco friendly elements you can add to your interior decorating plans!

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