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“Can I Afford An Interior Designer?”

The one thing about Interior Designers, they love to design and business is down in the Interior Design industry just like everywhere else. I have owned and operated my own design firm, Patricia Davis Brown Fine Cabinetry, Inc. for eighteen years in Vero Beach, Florida and Florida is one of the states that the housing boom really hurt.

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As a professional Interior Designer I have to know what my clients needs are and what they need right now is good prices on products along with good design. This recession has caused me to answer questions like this and come up with a new business model that helps not only my clients, but also helps me to keep doing what I love, design.

The world is changing so fast with the invention of the internet. My clients now are doing their own research on products and in some cases making purchases online. This caused me to think of how I could work in this new atmosphere and I came up with my first internet company,www.professionalkitchenandbathplans.com. I now can work with anyone in the world that needs a space designed. How it works is the person can choose from three different price options that meet their budget, from the very basic layout and elevation to a fully detailed plans. The Gold plan offers the full plan plus a layered lighting design, unlimited consultation, color board and management of the project. I know your wondering how could this be done from somewhere else? It is not that hard with the computer, and skype. A client can literally show me their space through the computer while we talk about it. Everything starts with a plan and if fully detailed it must be followed per specification or its out of the contractors pocket not the clients.

To go with my online plans company I started my own e-commerce site, www.PDBHomeStore.com, where my clients could shop for products. This also allows me to source every item and know it is thebest price online. Now my clients know that I have their best interest in mind.

The third internet site I did was my blog. I love talking about design and this helped me to do social media for my online companies. If you are digging on design, you’ll need to check outwww.digthisdesign.net and find the latest tips on design and be able to ask questions. It’s not to often you can just go to your computer and ask a design question from an expert in the field.

My latest change in my business model was to close my large showroom. I thought long and hard about it and decided it was the best way to cut cost and extend the savings onto my clients. My assistant and I now work out of my home office and have built a 24ft. x 10ft. selections room on my property.

Yes, you can afford a designer with all the ways you can hire a professional it is easier and more affordable than ever. You really can’t afford not to have a professional working on your behalf in a construction project. The money you will save from costly change orders would more than pay the fee for a designer. The licensed Interior designer will create the plan and write the specifications that should be followed, they are on your team.

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