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The adorne™ Collection by Legrand

In a recent kitchen re-design, Patricia came across these amazing options for light switches, outlet covers, dimmers and other wall plates. Instead of the boring, white plastic covers, consider a wall plate that isn’t just functional – but matches your room’s decor.

adorne light switch

Small details really can pull a room’s décor together and make a lasting impact. Start with the details by putting the perfect finishing touches on your home with light switches, dimmers, outlets and wall plates from the adorne Collection by Legrand.

adorne light switch legrande

You’ve spent countless hours planning your remodel. Why not extend your new design down to the last detail? With adorne, you can choose from high-style materials, finishes and colors (including wood and real cast metal) to express your style. And, with a completely reinvented interface, adorne allows you to control the lights in ways you never thought possible.

adorne metal light switch

You are able to find a total list of adorne’s switches here. They include adorne’s most cutting edge models such as the Wave Switch, Touch Switch and SensaSwitch or also more traditional options such as the Paddle Switch or Whisper Switch. These selections are available in different colors and inspirations.

adorne multi switch light panel

Be inspired and take your design to the next level. Start putting those finishing touches on the room you’ve so carefully created to fit your personality!

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