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Water Leaks Can Start Small and Become a BIG Problem!

Water leaks- avoid ceiling and attic damage

There are many responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. Maintaining and protecting your house from a variety of threats are at the core of a healthy and safe household. However, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to postpone home maintenance projects, whether out of procrastination or simply to avoid high investments. While some issues can be safely delayed, such as fixing an internal door or finishing the kitchen painting job, there are others that need to be addressed as a priority. Roofing leaks are one of those. They can develop for many reasons, ranging from an improper installation to your roof coming at the end of its natural life (most roofs are meant to last 20-30 years only). Roofing leaks can also cause serious safety and health risks. In short, there is no time to waste. Get those water leaks under control before they cause any of the following issues.

5 Problems Caused by Water Leaks That You Can Avoid

1. Avoid Attic and Ceiling Damage

Water leaks- avoid ceiling and attic damage

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Constant water intrusion will eventually work its way down to your attic and create damages to the area and the items that you store in there. Don’t feel confident if you don’t have any attic- this doesn’t stop the water leak! Indeed, the damages will gradually become visible onto your interior ceiling, where the paint will begin to darken, and the plaster will start bubbling and expanding. The water can also reach the neighboring walls and damage the paint, wallpapers, and plaster in those areas too. Have you noticed any of these signs? If so, call specialist Contractors to get your roof repaired.

2. Avoid Fire Hazards

If you have electrical wiring in the attic or around the damaged ceiling area, your water leak can become a serious threat of fire and can interfere with your fuses. The smartest and safest option is to shut down the electricity in the area touched by the leak. Then, get in touch with an electrician to examine the damages and advise you on your next steps.

3. Avoid Mold Issues

Water leaks can cause black mold in house

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No one wants mold and mildew growing throughout their home structure, but it’s all too common. This is highly facilitated by the presence of water. Mold can grow in all places, from your walls to inside your ventilation system. Black mold spores are a serious health issue for individuals who are sensitive to environmental factors. It can cause severe allergies and asthma attacks. Continual exposure to mold can also weaken the immune system and cause chronic allergies and breathing conditions.

4. Avoid Weakened House Structure 

Water intrusion can have lasting damages when it starts contributing to the weakening of rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing and wooden boards. Chronic roof leaks can lead to tangible deterioration of your structure and cause rot to develop in your wood framing. In extreme cases, leaks can cause a house to collapse.

5. Stop Paying Those High Energy Bills

Water leaks cause high energy bills

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Water intrusion is detrimental to your insulation solution as it can saturate it. Chronic water leaks are bad because it’s very common for the insulation structure, whether cellulose or fiberglass, to remain wet. If the insulation can’t dry out, it becomes less effective in maintaining the cold air outside. Consequently, you will find that your energy bills are increasing dramatically!

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