Designing family friendly spaces for kids is fun for everyone from the professional interior designer to DIY home designers. We’ve compiled great interior design ideas to help you decorate your kid’s bedroom, kid’s playroom or your baby nursery.

Patricia Davis Brown and her expert contributors will help you color outside the lines with interior design ideas for family friendly spaces.

Design Ideas for a Kid’s Bedroom, Playroom & Baby Nursery

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About Designs for a Kid’s Bedroom, Playroom or Baby Nursery

Designing a family friendly space takes more than painting the walls blue, pink or a bright primary color scheme. It takes inspiration and creative ideas to design a room that children love, is safe and makes them feel like it is a space all their own.

Start decorating a kid’s bedroom or a baby nursery by looking at bedding or crib bedding. The bed or crib is usually the largest piece in the kid’s bedroom or baby nursery, so the design on the bedding often dictates the theme of the room.

For a playroom, start with function. Determine what the children need to store their toys, spread out for play on the floor and do their reading, homework, board games and crafts.

Designing Family Friendly Spaces in Your Home

Looking for family friendly design for your whole house? Take a look through the inspirational articles here at for great ideas to create spaces that the whole family will love.