There are many reasons smoke smells may linger in a home: burnt toast, cooking, cigarette smoke, or, in worst cases, an unfortunate house fire. Smoke smell isn’t just a nasty smell per se, but it’s also very unhealthy and uncomfortable. It makes breathing more challenging, and if it’s something you’ll simply tolerate, soon enough, you may have to deal with respiratory health problems due to inhaling the nasty smell of smoke.

As a general rule of thumb, a good starting point to remove the air slowly from your home is to open the windows, enhance natural light, and decrease humidity. These can work for minor problems, but bigger ones also call for bigger solutions with professionals from a water restoration company Frisco TX that also works with smoke or ask for help from your local fire department.

How to Get Rid of the Smoke Smell in Your Home

smoke smell

Whatever your reason may be, no one likes to stay in a room or house that smells like smoke. If you’re looking for potential solutions, you’ve made it to the right place today. This article will help get rid of that smoke that just won’t quit.

1. Hire A Smoke Damage Restoration Company

This first measure is the elephant in the room. It may be a big move, but when you’re talking about quite significant damage, you may not handle the smoke damage restoration on your own. This pertains to situations like if you’ve had construction or renovation done and there’s so much smoke and dust left or worse, a part of your home succumbed to fire.

Smoke damage repair Grand Prairie TX companies can get the job done right, and safely at that. The smell of smoke can be hazardous to your health. When it’s that bad, it may cause suffocation while you’re trying to clean it up.

With the professionals working for your home, you can leave it while they do the cleaning for you. When you go back to your home, it’s already clean, smoke-free, and safely habitable. To convince you even more about the merits of hiring professionals to do this job, watch this video for an informative guide:

2. Use Vinegar On Fabrics Around Your Home

If you’re the type who enjoys going on night-outs, surely, you’d be familiar with that smell of smoke that can linger on your clothes the morning after. This does not differ from your home. If you’ve had visitors over and some had been smoking, then all the smoke smell will be absorbed by the fabrics around your home, too.

For the fabric items that you can remove (curtains, pillowcases, dining covers, sheets, to name a few), bring them to the wash the next day. Then, mix about two cups of vinegar added to one load. Choose the low heat of the fluff cycle when drying, as the high heat may only reactivate the smoke smell. Better yet, if the sun is out, sundry those fabrics.

3. Open Up All The Windows

There’s nothing quite like opening all your windows to let the smoke out and the fresh air in. Whichever other processes you use to get rid of the smoke smell, this is one you shouldn’t skip doing.

If it’s just one room that’s affected, then you can open the window in that room. If it’s the entire house, then open up all the windows, even the smallest ones. Do this also before you clean, so the smell of all the harsh chemicals you may use won’t linger.

4. Wash Your Walls

The longer the smoke smell lingers in your home, the higher the likelihood that it’s going to stick to all your surfaces, including the walls. This can be the reason, despite cleaning your floors, opening your windows, and keeping an air purifier switched on, your home may still smell like smoke.

With that, give the walls some attention by scrubbing and washing them. Many homeowners use mixtures made of ammonia, but if you don’t fancy that, you can opt for a more natural alternative as well.

Here are some of those natural alternatives:

  • Create a mixture of Castille soap, water, and your favorite essential oils for that added pleasing scent. Use a microfiber cloth to scrub your walls with the mixture.
  • Concoct a solution made of baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water. This is effective at removing any stains on the walls that could also cause an unpleasant smoke smell.


If the smell of smoke in your home has been putting you in a stressful situation lately, now you can finally set those worries aside. As you can see, there are quite a lot of things you can do to flush out that smell from your home. You just have to pick the solution that best fits your situation. There’s no making a wrong choice with the choices above.


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