Do you vacuum like a pro or do you really pay attention to the results? A vacuum cleaner is your weapon to keep your house free from dust, germs, and other microscopic parasites. Especially in this pandemic, it’s vital to keep your house as clean as possible. 

Though your vacuum cleaner makes the job very easy for you, technically, it gets the cleaning done for you, you need to use it right to get the best results. You can’t just turn it on, swirl it on the floor, and call it a day. There are certain ways the cleaning should be done.

This article outlines everything you need to know to use your vacuum cleaner like a pro.

How to Use Your Vacuum Like a Pro

How to Use Your Vacuum Like a Pro

Make a Schedule

This is one mistake almost all of us make. Most people don’t have a vacuuming routine. They just do it whenever they want or just push it until they can’t do it anymore. This is a major reason why the cleanliness of your house might be compromised.

Depending on the area you leave, you’ll have to make a vacuuming routine. In most areas, vacuuming twice a week is enough. But if you live in high traffic areas, you may need to do it more often. If you don’t maintain a fixed routine, sometimes it will be harder for you to clean, and at other times, cleaning won’t make any significant difference.

Choose the Right Vacuum

There are several options available if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner. It’s totally normal to get confused because of all the different sizes, features, and designs available in the market. Take some time and think about your needs. As it’s an investment, make sure to get the best quality ones. Even if it costs more, think about it as a long-term investment.

You can choose from, upright vacuums, handheld vacuums, canister vacuums, deep cleaning ones, and a lot more. Read out the features very well and get one that matches your criteria.

Most people go for the upright ones because they are very easy to work with. Also, as they have a longer handle, they can reach areas your hand can’t, and you don’t even need to duck that much. If you are looking for an upright vacuum, make sure to check the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Vacuum.

Keep the Insides Clean

A lot of the time, you may notice an unpleasant smell while you are using a vacuum cleaner. This is because your vacuum probably has something nasty inside it. It would be scraps of food that have developed mold on it, pet hairs, and many more such gross things.

It does a lot more harm than just spreading foul smell. Overfilled dust bags affect the overall performance of your vacuum. No matter how much you try, you can never get the same results as a fully clean vacuum will give. Moreover, it damages the machine.    

So, keep an eye on the bag or canister, depending on the model you have. Don’t use it before changing the bags if it’s more than one-third full. You should also make sure to clean the blockages occasionally.

Remove Dust from Walls

Vacuum cleaners don’t have to be used only on the floor. They were suitable only for floors when they were first made. But with time, technology became more and more advanced, and they offer a lot more now.

It’s very common for your walls to get dusty if you live in a heavy traffic area. Even if you don’t live in a heavy traffic area, you should clean your walls from time to time. Wiping them off is not an option; it only makes things worse. Actually, why would you even bother if you own a vacuum cleaner?

Just switch the brush head to the hard floor setting and hold the head about half an inch away from the wall. Holding it a bit away from the wall will make sure you don’t get any scratches on the wall.

Always Dust First

Did you ever vacuum clean your entire house and then notice dirt on random things and wiped them off and made the house dirty again? Many of us are guilty of it. It’s a very common mistake. Or sometimes you may vacuum one day and dust the next day. This is equally wrong.

As mentioned before, you should have a proper vacuum routine. As you know when you are going to vacuum, plan to dust just before it. This way all the dust will land onto the ground, and then, you can clean it with the vacuum. Otherwise, your efforts are sure to go to vain.

Clean Your Rugs

It’s no surprise that you can easily clean your rugs and carpets using your vacuum cleaner. If you follow a regular routine and clean your rugs correctly, they will look good as new for a long time. Because rugs are quite sensitive to handle, you need to pay special attention to them.

When you are cleaning your rugs, make sure to switch the speed to low. This will ensure the fibers stay intact. Your rug is home to pet hair, dust, debris, and food scraps, and honestly, they are quite hard to clean. What you can do is run the vacuum cleaner from different directions. This way you can get the dirt out even from the deeper layers. Make sure to go over a few times. When you are cleaning rugs, once is not enough. Pay close attention to it and go over a few times or until it looks clean.

Prevent Allergies

This is probably the newest and most amazing feature a vacuum cleaner offers. This facility is available in the newer models. To be precise, models that have a HEPA filter.

In the spring and summer seasons, there is generally a lot of dust and pollen in the air, which triggers allergies for many people. You can use your vacuum to reduce the pollen and dust in the air.

First of all, close the windows, then run your vacuum fitted with the soft brush attachment. Keep it running for some time, and you’ll notice dramatic differences.


A vacuum cleaner is an amazing tool to keep your house clean. It truly keeps your indoors healthier. If you use it correctly, it will prove itself as a blessing, and maintaining home hygiene will be easier than ever.  

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