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It’s time for another suggestive group of inspirations on ways to upcycle items you own, but no longer have use for.  In this post we’re going to show you a list of grand ideas on ways to use old shirts into something new and exciting.

Here are some ways to make gift bags, baby bibs, bracelets, and even a an upscale shrug.

Upcycle A Business Shirt Into A Gift Bottle Bag

This is a brilliant upcycle of old business shirt to a business styled gift bottle bag!  This idea comes from a creative seller at Etsy.  Simply cut a sleeve from a dress shirt with french cuffs. Use cuff links to complete the look or personalize the gift with your recipient’s initials.  These could be used for groomsmen gifts. They will fit a bottle as big as 4″ in diameter. Undo the button, place the bottle inside, tie the ribbon to the bottle, redo the button and present. The cufflinks could be replaced with buttons.


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Make A Bracelet With Your T-Shirt

Here’s a great idea we found at Lana Red Studio.

Cut strips of t-shirts – mix and match for interesting designs and colors. Simply braid the strips together and hot glue them at the end. The end result looks great, is comfortable and, just like your t-shirts, can be washed.
(You can of course also sew the bracelet instead of using glue.)


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Upcycle A Shirt To Make A Baby Bib

Take an old t-shirt and even a high designed shirt that you no longer have use for and find a way to upcycle this concept into a stylish bib for your child.

Featured below is  a great example, but you’re possible other designs are endless to your own personal aesthetic.   You can find the print and cut patterns for these bibs on Upcycled Shirts To Baby Bibs.


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How To Create A T-Shirt Shrug

You can find directions on how to make this upcycled shirt on T-Shirt Shrug.

Using an old t-shirt, some ribbon or rope and a quick stitch – you can create a cute little shrug to wear over a cami, a tank top or a new t-shirt. Unlike most shrugs, you won’t be stuck with black, white and tan – you can use brightly colored or patterned shirts for more fun.


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