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Ideas for the Playroom

Looking for a way to store all of the loot that Santa (and the grandparents!) left for the kids over the holidays? Here are some design ideas for the playroom that are functional and look great.

Ideas for the Playroom

A Mature Look for a Playroom

Just because it’s a kid space, doesn’t mean that you can’t use grown-up decor. Design a room that uses mature prints and materials in a fun combination of colors to please both the kids and the parents.

Colorful Playroom Storage

Ideas for the Playroom

Whether you buy it new or restore an old piece from a thrift store or salvation yard – a bright color like this sunshine yellow can make a storage piece look like part of the fun. We also love the use of the mirror – kids will spend hours making faces, dancing and checking out their own reflection which is a great way to promote self-awareness and confidence.

Let them Climb

Ideas for the Playroom

Face it, even if you don’t want them to, the kids will scale the furniture like little mountain climbers! So, instead of fighting it, create a safe and beautiful way for them to climb. Design one that looks great and kids will happily climb up and down to put away toys when it is time to clean up.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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