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Pretty & Fun Play Scapes To Get Your Kids Playing Outdoors

The summer months can be long and excruciating if you’re desperately trying to entertain bored children. When parents finally shout out the kid-dreaded words, “Turn off those video games and get outside!”, you better hope outside is compelling enough to avoid the nagging sibling banter and whining that accompany boredom.

Here are a few outdoor dramatic play ideas to help you create your kids dream backyard that inspires both activity and creativity! If playscapes aren’t in the cards, here are 5 ideas for kid friendly backyard features.


Wooden Play Scapes

This beautiful wooden playscape features rings, swings, a slide, even a rock climbing wall, with windows and physically attractive.  This interactive jungle gym is good looking AND fully functionally fun! The wood log construction helps it blend in better in its backyard landscape.



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This handsome wooden playscape has two slides, a swing set, two roof areas, monkey bars, and a ton of ladders to climb and conquer.  This one is sure to keep your kids and their friends busy for seasons to come.


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Clubhouse Play Scapes

Clubhouses have been a staple of children’s backyards for generations.  Some are more elaborate than others, and if you have the means and inspiration, what kid wouldn’t want their own personal clubhouse with a playscape attached?


clubhouse with playscape

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This beautiful wooden clubhouse would fit perfectly in a modern backyard setting. The design is minimalist without being drab, especially since this kid’s clubhouse features a rock climbing wall.


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Another alternative to the typical (and often ugly) looking wood and metal playscapes is this modern backyard playhouse. There even seems to be an area for hidden storage or more play features.


Organic Play Scape

There are plenty of environmentally nurturing ways to decorate your house and yard, but also create a land of fun and mystery for your children, which in turn can teach them appreciation for being in the natural environment.



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This great organic play scape was created with wicker. It makes a cozy, yet safe, hideaway for children to indulge their imagination.


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