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Summertime parties can be a lot of fun – unless you’re the hostess stuck inside making the food while everyone else is enjoying your backyard.

That’s why outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular! These functional areas can help you entertain without missing the party – and they can be beautiful design additions to your backyard.

We went on a search and found some amazing outdoor kitchen ideas for you – check them out below! And, be sure to come see them on our Outdoor Design Inspiration board on Pinterest where you can grab the designs you like and add them to your own board!

The Tiki Hut Outdoor Kitchen

We found this fun outdoor kitchen at GreenTeaDesign.com’s The Design Tree blog. Imagine a party around this space where all of the guests and the hosts can sit and visit together:

Granite and Wood Outdoor Kitchens

This gorgeous outdoor space popped up in our search for using granite in outdoor kitchens. GraniteTransformations.com showcased this outdoor kitchen complete with granite countertops and a sleek wood pergola that warms up the look, but keeps the kitchen nice and cool.


The same elements come together in this outdoor kitchen from EnhanceScape:


A Modern Tropical Outdoor Kitchen

Perfect for the tropical weather, this outdoor kitchen from EnhanceScape uses light colors to keep the area cool:


Remember to come and grab the outdoor kitchens you like from our Outdoor Design Inspiration board on Pinterest  and add them to your own board!

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