Your driveway is essentially the red carpet to your home.  Whether they be short, long, or full of textures and designs they are part of what you can make your individual point of view through design.

Here are some long driveways, stone driveways, and even ones that inspire your own family crest.

Clever Driveways

Your Own Crest

What way of marking your territory more than putting your own personal family crest on your driveway, that way anyone who marches up your driveway knows who’s home they are at.

A driveway can be beautifully created with brick and the crest amidst it.  This personal stamp on the pathway to your front door or garage is inspired.

To add your own personal stamp it doesn’t have to come with an excessive bill. Simply add your family crest to the pavement making it personal and still beautiful.

Stone Driveway

Stone driveways may not seem to be the most smooth path to your parking space, but they have an outward beauty that is frankly undeniable.

Interestingly, a cobblestone driveway gives an old fashioned feeling, though is still fully functional with today’s technology. The beautiful grass in between makes it a part of your yard, but still a separate zone to get your vehicle near the doorway.

A gorgeously designed stone driveway is riddled with patterns, different stones, and an intricacy that must be applauded.  This is an inspiration you might want to leave to the professionals.

Long Driveway

If you have the space or are particularly creative you can create a long driveway, even in a residential area.  There are ways to make it easy to maintain these  or create one on your own.

One example is to make your driveway longer in a residential area. A long driveway affords more space to park and gives the impression that your estate is much larger than it actually is.

There are lots of things to do with a long driveway with tons of privacy in the wilderness. It’s simple enough with rocks on the side, but the sheer length would make this project quite the project to take on.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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