Your Kitchen Spring Makeover

Making a fresh kitchen space for the spring may not be as hard as you think. While many people immediately believe that an old-looking kitchen can only be truly made over with a whole new set of fitted units and other expensive investments, you can often make something look completely invigorated by spending a small fraction of what you could on it – if you need to, that is.

With these top tips, you too can create something altogether more comforting and attractive for 2012 and beyond.

Your Kitchen Spring Makeover

A New Color Scheme

While most kitchens follow color schemes that are white or pastel-based – and for good reason – you can inject a new feel into the room with a lick of paint.

One of the best things to really add new eye-catching hues in the cooking area is through the use of ceramic or porcelain kitchen wall tiles, which really create a fantastic feel in a room and can deliver real results as a splashback or wall surface.

New Appliances – All White is All Right

If you need new appliances, always go with white products. These are clean, attractive, and will not date as quickly as their colorful counterparts – red, green, blue, and a number of others have all been popular for short periods of time.

Of course, the opposite option – black – is also perfect to match in years to come, though it’s perhaps a little less welcoming than its direct opposite.

A Change in Lighting

The chance to get new lighting in the home is one that people overlook on a regular basis, despite it being one of the most impactful changes you can make in the home.

Consider movable strips of spotlighting; not only can they be great value for money due to their embrace of energy-saving technologies such as LED bulbs, but they can be posed in a different way to bring about an entirely new feel in the room.

New Surfaces

Last but not least, and with the potential to be one of the more expensive changes in a kitchen – have you considered new work surfaces?

While granite is excellent (so long as you use a cutting board on it!), just a new type of laminate or real wood finishes could go a long way if you need a dramatic new look in your kitchen. Don’t overlook this possibility!

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