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Apron Front Sinks for Your Versatile and Stylish Kitchen

Versatile and Stylish Apron Front Sinks

Apron front kitchen sinks are unique from other styles in their front design and depth. Originally found in 19th and 20th-century farmhouses, this style has found its way into the transitional, contemporary, and modern designs of today.

Unlike recessed sinks, the apron sink juts out from the surrounding cabinetry. The purpose of this design is to relieve back pain due to hours spent bent over the sink at awkward angles. Additionally, these sinks came from a time before automatic dishwashers when families were large and the pots and pans were numerous which required sinks with greater depth and capacity.

Apron Front Sinks • Versatile Styles

If you want style, comfort, and ease of use, an apron front sink might be the perfect addition to your modern kitchen. The white ceramic sink in this kitchen blends with the cabinetry and goes beautifully with the tiles of earthbound multi-colors.

I invite you to continue reading to view a variety of modern apron front sinks.

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Hammered Metal

Natural metals lend a particular texture all their own to modern designs. The exclusive textures of hammered metal are shown here in shiny nickel and antique copper apron front sinks. Hammered metal goes well with neutral surroundings and pairs nicely with both white marble for the nickel sink and a dark chocolate brown countertop for the copper sink.

Apron front sink hammered nickel finish beige stained cabinetry

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Apron front sink copper hammered antiqued finish in modern kitchen with cream cabinets and tiles

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Magnificent Marble

Choose marble for both the countertop and the sink for an effortless look that brims with style. The light beige in the white marble flows over into the color of the cabinetry for a productive kitchen from which you may expect years of durable function and ultra-stylish enjoyment.

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Charming Ceramic

The ever charming simple ceramic sink never goes out of style. This white ceramic sink with horizontal groves adds decorative flair to the geometric lines in this design. The soft cheerful grey of the cabinetry, walls, and window frame along with the white ceramic sink are brought together with the marble countertops of white and grey.

Apron front sink white porcelain ecru cabinets white marble countertops

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I cannot resist this kitchen with its mesmerizing blue ceramic countertops and matching wood cabinets. This white ceramic sink with its soft round corners is a comfortable addition to this beautiful decor. I can imagine this sink in many colorful settings – especially this time of year when Spring flowers are starting to bloom.

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Precast Concrete

Add this concrete sink to give a touch of texture and earthiness to your modern kitchen. This sink is paired with just the right marble for outstanding natural beauty while the cabinetry and tiles reflect the natural tones of the marble and concrete for a smashing finish in this kitchen.

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Have you found your favorite style of apron front sink for your kitchen? If you want to add this functional and decorative style of sink to your kitchen, continue to search for the perfect apron front sink to go with your faucet, cabinetry and countertops.

Or, you might want to redesign your entire kitchen! Either way, use these examples to create your own amazing family kitchen that bursts with function and incredible style.

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