Refrigerator repair is a good knowledge base to have as a homeowner. If you think about it, you’ll quickly realize that it is one of the most essential appliances in your kitchen. Unfortunately, this mere fact causes a great deal of frustration when it isn’t working well. Especially if it is full of food that all spoils if the temperature drops.

The good news is that in some instances, you can often fix the issue by yourself. Additionally, the brand of your refrigerator doesn’t matter, be it LG, GE, or SUB-ZERO. So before you call the SUB-ZERO Appliance Repair in Tucson, here are six things for you to check first.

6 Refrigerator Issues to Check Before Calling for Repair

Refrigerator repair

1 • Check the Quantity of Items

Checking how much stuff is in your fridge plays a role in how well your appliance works. For instance, your freezer works better when it’s full, but not the refrigerator. In fact, when the refrigerator is too full, the circulation of cold air doesn’t happen as it should. This results in some regions of the appliance being colder than others.

To see if this is the issue, remove a few items from the refrigerator and watch it for a day. If things go back to normal, then you are in the clear.

2 • Check the Wiring and Mains

It is pretty easy for this to happen. Since the kitchen gets a lot of traffic, the fridge can potentially get unplugged or wires get frayed. A pet or one of your children might trip over the cables. Additional someone can accidentally move the refrigerator making the power cord disconnect.

If that area seems good, also check your distribution board, especially if you had a power surge recently. The mains plug might have tripped, and all you need to is flip it back to turn on the power supply.

3 • Check for Leaks

If you notice that little puddles of water are standing around the appliance, check if the doors shut properly. It also helps if you look at the door seals to ensure they are in good condition. Unfortunately, when the doors don’t close properly, the warm air that seeps in causes condensation.

First, try to shut the door and watch it for a few days to see if the puddles reappear. If they don’t, awesome. However, if they do, start by cleaning the door seal and the refrigerator area that comes in contact with the seal. Grime and accumulation of dirt reduces the door seal’s efficiency and allow air to leak into the cooling section.

4 • Check Temperature Control

It’s possible that there are some adjustments you can do with the temperature settings. Do so this, check if it’s moved from its original settings, and if so, adjust appropriately.

5 • Clean the Refrigerator

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned out your refrigerator? However, it’s not just the inside, because everyone seems to do that in one way or another. In fact, the back of the refrigerator also needs to be cleaned. If dust and debris accumulate over the condenser coils, it prevents the appliance from cooling. So, before you send for the service firm, clean your refrigerator thoroughly and see if that helps.

6 • Bottom Line of Refrigerator Repair

Sometimes you might want to call the repairman right away, and that’s a good course of action. But if you feel that it might be something you can rectify yourself, there’s no harm in trying the activities outlined earlier to see if the refrigerator’s functions improve. If it does, you save yourself some time and money, but if it doesn’t, then reach out to your favorite service firm and get it done immediately.

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