Small doesn’t have to mean absent of design thought. As a matter of fact you need to be more cleaver than ever. I love designing small spaces and coming up with “WOW” factors.

Puttick Daughter's Bath B

Sometimes you have an adjacent space to a small bathroom that can be an extension onto the bath as we have here. This is a dressing area across from the closet that is functional to both areas.

Puttick Daughter's Bath A

The bathroom was only 9 x 11 feet and the client wanted to fit a jetted tub bath, shower, toilet and vanity into a very small space. Another challenge was there was only 18 inches of depth to place the vanity that would typically need a minimum 24-inches from casing. To accomplish this I designed a stand alone vanity 21-inches for the sink and the drawers on either side were 15-inches.  Not only does this solve the dilemma, but aesthetically it looks great!


Once again the powder room wall did not have enough depth for a standard depth vanity sink and the same solution was applied which solved the problem.

Master Bath B

The master bath was long and narrow. Notice that the shower enclosure is in a clear glass. A big mistake that people make in small bathrooms is building a solid shower wall with an opening for the entrance. The wall cuts the space in half where the clear glass extends your view giving the appearance of a much larger bathroom.

Master Bath A

Another way to trick the eye is to build the vanity as an integral part of the moldings in the room. This takes the eye all the way to the ceiling and vertically opens the space and it feels bigger that it actually is.

Guest Bath A

Once again the glass enclosure allows breathing room to the space. Can you imagine a solid wall to the right of the vanity? Talk about tunnel vision!

Philip's Bath A

The existing bathroom had a bathtub and a red shower curtain shrinking the space in half. By removing the tub and adding the glass enclosure the space feels spacious. Another tidbit of advice, is running the wainscot of tile around the room, this will help to create the illusion of a larger room.

Philip's Bath B

This is the perfect application for a pedestal vanity. I used white fixtures and white tile with a soft contrasting blue wall to give a fresh open feel.

Puttick Cabana Bath

This is a good application when you are dealing with a narrow space. The console vanities are the shallowest way to go. The tall towers are wonderful for storage and can be configured to fit the user. I am showing a tall door on the top with one drawer in the middle. If this were a master bath I would choose to go with three drawers below for more storage.

I love throwing in a BEFORE and AFTER, because it really shows what good design is all about.

McCrystal 014

Rio Mar bath 2

I know what your thinking, ” OMG! A wood countertop in a bathroom! ” This is not a master bathroom, this is a powder room. A powder room should be showy and this one is, but what a difference!

McCrystal 013

Rio Mar Bath 3

The cabinetry is birdseye maple with a gloss finish that really amplifies the freckles in the maple. The contrasting ebony wenge wood top is the “WOW” factor.

I hope this post shows you how important design is even in the smallest room.

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