Shopping for Faucets and Shower Heads

Every time I think I know how the Internet is changing things, I find new products and services that I just didn’t think to check for. This is especially true for faucets and shower heads.

Remodeling our Guest Bathroom

For instant, when we remodeled our guest bathroom, I was taken aback at some of the prices for the better replacement parts, like faucets and shower heads. After deciding to check online, I got a pleasant surprise from Not only do they have the top brands like Kingston Bass, Delta, Kohler, and Westbrass, they have an unbelievable selection at great prices.

Shopping for Faucets and Shower Heads

A Great Source for Faucets and Showerheads

We had a good time looking through all the selections and finding just what we wanted. We also found shower sets and a great sink to order. When we realized that even plumbing businesses use the site for their purchases, we knew that we were shopping at a good source of everything plumbing related. We were thinking about redoing the master bath as a later project, but we are now considering using these savings to go ahead and use the plumber for a bigger job while he is here with his team.

Shopping Online is A-OK with Me!

We have already put together a shopping list and is busily checking out all of our options. I think I’ve learned my lesson and will start all of my shopping online from now on. I certainly am glad that I don’t own a local plumbing store that has to find a way to compete with these guys. It’s hard to beat great prices and great selection.

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