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5 Rules in Selecting the Right Bathtub for Your Lifestyle


I am starting with comfort because I am an avid soaker. In order for me to decompress after a full day of whatever, I need to soak in my tub. Having a glass of wine to accompany me is a plus. Everybody has their creature comforts and for me my TV, candles and bath oils are the essential ingredient for my nightly soak.

It’s super important when shopping for your comfort tub you find the perfect fit. By perfect fit, I mean the tub needs to fit you! The best way to find the perfect fit is to try them on for size. You can narrow your search by doing an online shopping task but, I would then pick my top three and find out where they may be displayed and simply get in.

  1. The length of the tub is very important. If the tub is too long for you, this could be extremely annoying because you would keep slipping down as opposed to comfortably being able to soak and relax.
  2.  The ergonomic incline of the back of the tub needs to fit the users comfort.
  3.  The Depth of the tub would matter to the placement of your arms during your soaking experience. Some tubs will be designed to accommodate this within the interior of the tub.


The Azur bathtub below may be more appropriate for Stephanie since it has contoured armrests to support her small frame.


interior design bathtub bath tub spa

Azur bathtub from Bain Ultra. Dig This Design on Pinterest



interior design designer tub room spa comfort

The “Woman Cave” by PDB Designs. Dig This Design on Pinterest


It is sometimes a necessity to have a tub in your home. I know when my children were small my soaking tub was a must for bathing the babies. Depending on your needs the style and shape of the tub would be important. I found that a built-in tub with a deck met my needs for bathing small children. The deck allowed me to have everything I needed at my fingertips. You would not want the tub too deep to enable leaning over comfortably.

Due to injuries it is sometimes good therapy to have a whirlpool hydrotherapy tub. Once again, it is a must that it fit the user.



We all like to think we are never going to age but, the truth is it is an inevitable part of life. Whether we find ourselves incapacitated due an orthopedic surgery or impaired due to the aging process there comes a time we might need to be able to access a soaking tub. Another reason to consider this is the aging parent scenario where we find ourselves taking care of an aging parent and need accessibility issues met.

I find my clients asking me to design their home for future needs, which would include having one bath designed universally for all people. This is always good for resale purposes too.

ada bathtub kohler

Kohler has a collection of ADA compliant bathtubs


Whether or not you like to soak in a tub, you must consider the resale value of your home without having a tub. Just google the question, “Does not having a tub in a home hurt resale value?” and you’ll get your answer. Without a doubt, you will have better resale value with a home that has at least one bathtub. A master bathroom with a beautiful soaking tub is the best place to put your money for resale. There are many couples where one or the other likes to soak, so offering both shower and tub is a plus and is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Sometimes space is an issue when there simply is not a lot of it. There are lots of options for finding the solution.


interior design remodel modern small room remodel

A Japanese bathtub can be the solution to small spaces.  Dig This Design on Pinterest


interior design bathroom remodel space saving combo unit

A combination shower and tub unit is a smart way to save space without compromise. Source


pdb designs bathroom remodel

Find a smaller soaking tub for a smaller space. Design by PDB Designs. Dig This Design on Pinterest

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