Sexy Martini Bars

What Makes a Martini Sexy?

When I get all dressed up to go out with my lovely or on a girls night out and the bartender asks me what I’m having, I always request a martini because it’s sexy! Why is the martini consider the sexy drink? Is it the design of the martini bar with its low-lit lighting or perhaps the distinct design of the glass that is just sexy?

Sexy Martini Bars

A Little History of the Martini

A few years ago I was in San Juan and I happened to be reading Barbara Walters memoir, Audition. I was fascinated with her life and her cocktail of choice, the Tanqueray. She mentioned it throughout the book and I was curious and wanted to give it a try. I went up to the bar and I ordered Barbara Walters drink, the Tanqueray, and when the bartender asked me if I wanted it up or on the rocks I blushed and said I wasn’t sure. I went on to explain my fascination with this drink that I had never had and he proceeded to enlighten me on the subject matter. He told me that the original martini was a gin martini, which is what Tanqueray is and that vodka was considered the bastard of the martini. With my new found knowledge I ordered my Tanqueray up.

How to Display 

As a designer who values proper lighting, I must make a point of the importance of presenting gin bottles properly and that’s by backlighting. Gin bottles are beautifully designed and the light shines through the glass displaying them in all their glory to create the perfect focal point and create the mood.

The Ambiance of a Martini Bar

There is a certain ambiance you need to create when designing a martini bar. A martini bar should have a sexy quality to its design like this one located in Maui.

The Mandarin Bar in Tokyo is known for their award-winning gin cocktails.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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