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Gorgeous Design with Discount Hardwood Floors

There is something about wood flooring that adds so much character and warmth to a room – and now, with discount hardwood floors available at wholesale prices (read more to find a wholesaler in your area), adding the charm of hardwood to your design won’t break the bank.

What we love most about hardwood and using woods in design is the versatility of the medium. changing the pattern, the plank size or the color can take a room from country  to coastal to modern to traditional.

Here are some examples we found of using hardwood floors to color outside the lines:

Modern-Rustic Kitchen with Grey Herringbone Wood Flooring

At first glance this kitchen and its worn wood is rustic – but the white walls, clean lines and minimalist fixtures give it a modern flair. Take a look at how the hardwood flooring laid in herringbone pattern and given a weathered treatment gives the floor visual interest without detracting from the gorgeous ceiling:


Upscale Modern Office with Dark Block Hardwood Flooring

Imagine how productive you would be in an office that looked this amazing! The white walls, ceiling and trim allow the blocks of hardwood flooring in a dark stain just pop:


Hardwood Flooring in the Bathroom

Think you can’t get hardwood flooring wet? Think again! From manufactured options to woods that actually “like” to be damp, there are several options for giving your bathroom an update using hardwood flooring:


Hardwood Flooring on the Walls

Who said that you could only hardwood flooring on the floor? This designer took the richness of the wood and carried is straight up the wall:


Hardwood Flooring on the Ceiling

If we can use it on the walls – why not the ceiling? This kitchen is interesting from every angle with a hardwood flooring treatment on the ceiling:

Remember – with Discount Hardwood Flooring options available, getting these looks in your own home or office does not have to break the bank, just read more to find a wholesaler in your area.

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