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3 Things to Fix Before Selling Your Home

3 Things to Fix Before Selling Your Home

There are many things you can do before selling your home to increase your selling price. Moreover, making the mistake of not fixing something before you put your house on the market could make you lose a lot more money than the fix.  Buyers are quick to blow things out of proportion, so why not invest in these repairs yourself and make money back on them?

If this grabs your attention, we invite you to continue reading to learn about the three most vital things you need to fix before selling your home.

Selling Your Home? Here are 3 Things You Need To Do First

3 Things to Fix Before Selling Your Home

① Kitchen Appliances

This one is a big dollar item to have to replace, and buyers know it.  Nothing sours a buyer’s view of a home faster than an outdated kitchen.  Ensure that all of your appliances are newer, in excellent working conditions, and are what buyers will want.

Updated appliances can add tens of thousands of dollars to the perceived value of your home, and will keep buyers interested in your home.  If you can’t update your appliances, make sure they’re as clean as possible, and work like they’re brand new.

The only appliances you don’t necessarily have to worry about are the washer, dryer, and refrigerator.  Most homeowners don’t leave these behind when they move, and although it would be a nice perk for buyers, it’s not necessary to put in that upfront investment.

② Heating and Cooling System

Buyers will want to know that your home heating and cooling system will save them money in the long run.  Most homeowners looking to sell will upgrade to a smart system that allows people to change their phone temperature.  This kind of upgrade will make people think the house is worth even more than it is.

Look at your heating and cooling system, and make sure it doesn’t need any repairs.  Shop around for a mix of value and great reviews.  When looking around for furnace installation near me, I found many businesses that seemed like they would work- but I went with one with the best reviews even though it was a little more expensive.  Reviewers are an excellent tool for you to use so you can gauge how a company does business.

③ Repair Roofing Issues

This fix is vital because it’s visible to the entire street your home is on.  Buyers don’t want to think about spending ten to thirty thousand dollars on a new roof right after moving in.  If your home’s roof is less than ten years old, take the time to repair it and straighten out any shingles that might have been turned askew over the years.

If the room is leaking, older than ten, or has visible problems, you may have to replace it before you sell.  You’ll get the money back in selling, but you’ll also get the chance to see that houses with new roofs sell faster.

Buyers will see it as you saving them time and money, instead of just making a simple repair.  Nobody wants to have to turn around and spend more money and time fixing a roof right after they bought your property.  Give buyers one less thing to nitpick.

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