Queensland gets pretty hot in the summer. The average temperature is typically around 30 degrees Celsius all year, but in January it can peak in the mid-40s. Not surprisingly, a lot of Queensland residents rely on air conditioning to keep them cool when they are indoors. However, not all homes come with air conditioning.

Luckily, air conditioning is affordable, with units costing from $600 upwards. Do bear in mind that installation costs vary between different installers, so get a few quotes before booking an installation. Residential homeowners located in Sunshine Coast Queensland can get expert air conditioning installation by Live Services Group.

Before you make a final decision, we invite you to continue reading to learn more about the advantages of air conditioning.

Why You Must Install Air Conditioning In Queensland

3 Reasons to Install Air Conditioning in Queensland

No mold.

Queensland has a sub-tropical climate, which means there is a lot of atmospheric humidity for much of the year. Moist air can lead to mold growth in homes, which is both unpleasant and potentially dangerous to our health.

One advantage of installing air conditioning is that it will remove excess moisture from the air. Anyone with asthma is less likely to suffer from an asthma attack in a home with air conditioning, as spores circulating in the air are filtered out by the air conditioner’s filtration system.

Keep out nasty insects.

Australia is home to many of the world’s most venomous spiders. These include the Sydney Funnelweb and the Redback. Most Queensland homes have mesh panels on windows, so windows can be cracked open to allow air in but keep insects out. These do work to an extent, but spiders can still find a way in.

Installing air conditioning means you don’t need to have any windows open, so you are less likely to wake up to a friendly Huntsman spider camping on your pillow. Doesn’t that sound more appealing?

Better health and wellness.

It’s extremely hard to sleep when the temperature is in the mid-30s even at night, but with air conditioning installed, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep. Modern air conditioning systems are easy to control and customize. Some can be linked to a smart home system, so you can control the internal temperature from your smartphone. This means it is nice and easy to switch the air conditioning on before you arrive home from work, or cool your bedroom down before it’s time to sleep. No more hot and sweaty nights tossing and turning in bed.

Seniors and young children are more affected by extreme temperatures. The highest temperature recorded in Queensland in recent years was 49 degrees Celsius. That is literally life-threatening. Installing air conditioning helps vulnerable residents stay more comfortable during extreme temperatures; with global warming, we can look forward to many more days of 47+ degrees in the future.

Finally, a cooler house places less stress on electronic equipment. With the air conditioning switched on, your laptop is unlikely to overheat, which means you can carry on being productive in your home office.

In conclusion.

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