Considering the amount of time that you spend in bed, the purchase of a good quality mattress should represent an investment that you take the time to research. After all, the wrong mattress can leave you with an aching back, headaches, tingling arms, cramped shoulders, and a whole host of health problems that are much harder to identify.

Why Go Organic with Your Mattress and Bed Linens

Why You Should Switch

Switching to an organic bedding system can represent a significant initial expense, but there are some very compelling reasons to do so. Many people are unaware that the flame retardant properties of the mattress are toxic. The chemicals used to reduce the possibility that your mattress will burn should your home catch on fire are bioaccumulative; this means that the chemicals build up in your system the longer that you are exposed to them. The true concern lies in the results of this buildup; the chemical’s toxicity has shown serious neurological damage, such as problems affecting memory and learning.

Even More Benefits

In addition to reducing your exposure to PBDEs (the chemicals used as fire retardants), organic mattresses and bedding are more likely to regulate your body temperature safely, reduce your exposure to allergens, and hold up durably. This last quality is especially important when you consider the slightly higher price tag that organic products carry.

You can ensure a satisfactory purchase by keeping a few things in mind:

Verify Any Labels That Say “Natural” or “Organic”

As more and more people recognize the value of switching to safer products, retailers and manufacturers are using this vocabulary to sell their products. Look for words such as wool, organic cotton, and sustainably sourced. Of course, shopping through a reliable vendor is an effective way to avoid buying something that isn’t everything the label makes it out to be. Don’t let yourself be “greenwashed” by tricky marketing.

Check Into the Background of the Company

Imagine how well you’ll sleep at night knowing that you have purchased your bedding from a place that treats its employees right and can prove that its supplies are sourced responsibly. After all, isn’t that good night’s rest the main reason for purchasing a safe, top quality mattress and bedding? It is very important to us at to recommend companies who are authentic in their message of clean living and fair labor practices.

Read Through the Reviews Left By Other Customers

This can be pretty easy to do through social media sites and, from time to time, major newspapers will remark on the quality of a certain brand. Seek out these reviews because they can give you a lot of information regarding customer service, the quality of the products, and the overall performance of the linens.

Enjoy Your Night’s Rest

Make the best choice when it comes to choosing a mattress and linens for your bed. The right purchase could result in the relief of many physical conditions. Combine your organic mattress with some good quality organic bedding and your night’s rest should improve substantially.

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