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The Perfect Accent Pieces for Your Design Inspiration

Using accent pieces as your design inspiration can be a fun way to add depth and character to a room.  Choosing items that bring out the natural flow and design gives your space a completed feel.

Learn how home staging expert, Lise Desormeaux, compliments the existing appliances using various accent pieces and colors, giving this home a beautifully balanced, modern decor.

Dining Room

When considering accent pieces, I chose the metal/silver tree wall art at first. When kitchens have stainless steel appliances it’s great to show them off. By adding additional accents of silver it really helps appliances shine.

In this room I also painted a perfectly good kitchen table top silver and the legs bone to match the appliances and white cabinets. Add a great fresh vase of white roses and voila, you have a kitchen to die for. Don’t you agree?


This fabulous throw in a furry texture and wheat color is a great inspiration for any space you want to be warm and inviting.

You can see the wheat is carried through in additional accent pieces, like the artwork, the kitchen bar stools and the basket on the counter.


I love tall lamps. Like a big bag a beautiful woman carries around there’s nothing like a statement to create the right look.

Lamps are great inspiration to create a space that makes them stand out!

Lise Desormeaux, Founder/Educator, Home Staging 101

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