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Retreat with a Book in an Inspiring Home Library

I don’t believe the e-reader will ever replace a good book.  While many of us have made the conversion over to the world of electronic convenience, many still like to feel and smell and experience a good book in its traditional form.  For those whose passion for the written word pulses through their veins, here is some design inspiration for the home library of your dreams!

Wall Shelves

Floor to ceiling bookshelves is an easy way to view and access your book collection. If you have an extra room to turn into your home library, consider wrapping the bookshelves all the way around your windows. Not only is it a cool look, but it provides wonderful natural lighting.

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Reading Room

This reading room is the perfect escape from it all. Designed with quiet in mind, a simple reading chair sits in the middle of an open room surrounded by wonderful books from which to choose. Eliminate distractions and the noises of electronic devises for a quiet and enjoyable reading getaway.

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Bring the quiet atmosphere of the public library to your home with this minimalist work space. With nothing but a table centered in a room filled with books, this space promotes an effective work environment to accomplish your greatest creations.

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Attic Library

If your home hasn’t the space for an entire room dedicated to reading, incorporate a home library in currently unused spaces. This attic library is a perfect location for storing treasured books without showcasing them in your living room.

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Colorful Library

If your home library shares the same space as your living room, you may want to consider coordinating your books by color for a more decorative look. And depending on your personality type, you may not be able to remember the author of that book you’re looking for, maybe only one or two words of the title – in no particular order, but you know for a FACT that the book was blue… this is the perfect organizational system for you!

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