Enjoy Some Edible Art

Enjoy Some Edible Art

Having a party? Have you tried edible art?  People often have gorgeous ice designs at their parties, especially in these warm summer days, but there other things that our talented chefs and artists make beautiful. Food is easy to manipulate to look gorgeous.

Here are some inspirations involving Watermelon, Citrus, and Dessert!

Enjoy Some Edible Art

Watermelon Art

Due to it’s size and bright contrasting colors watermelon works as a great base for creating food art.  It leaves a ton of possibilities and is a great way to spend some time in the kitchen with the kids at home if  you want to give it a try on your own.

This face is the watermelon version of face cake!  The detail added to this face has undoubtedly crossed the line of creative exploration to edible art.  The idea that this artists palate was a watermelon seems inconceivable.

Both the insides, and the dueling colors of green and white in the rind have been utilized to make these two swans love bird nest both gorgeous and edible.

This watermelon has been made into a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  It has been intricately designed into edible art.

Citrus Art

There are endless help benefits to involving citrus in your diet, but there are other possible inspirations with citrus as well.  These are all several examples of edible art with citrus being our main inspiration.

This is really beautiful orange creative fun.  The designs in all these oranges lovely and pretty to look at.

Dessert Inspiration

It’s true desserts are known for being extravagant and beautiful, cakes especially, but there is a difference between experimenting with dessert art and beautiful desserts.  Here are some artistic inspirations.

This cake is golden gorgeousness.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and the details in it are incredible.  This is a fantastic piece of edible art.

This cake made in the shape of a medal is absolutely outstanding.  The colors, the small nuances make this more of a piece of art than something as simplistic as a beautiful cake, certainly edible art.

These are all actually edible pieces of chocolate and art, the eggs, and nest all able to eat, and even the birds, but even as a girl who loves chocolate I couldn’t imagine disrupting this gorgeous bird nest.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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