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Dog Décor - swimming pool.

Dog Décor for Your BFF

If you are a dog lover like me then you know how important it is to make them comfortable in their home. They are our furry family members and should be able to have a comfy spot in every room of the home. I searched long and hard to bring you some clever dog décor solutions that you and your dog will appreciate.

I loved this integrated  pet couch in this custom kitchen. Every time my husband and I are preparing meals our dogs are right at our feet and sometimes can create a falling hazard. This design tucks them safely away from the pathways and they can sit there comfortably and watch your every move.


Dog décor in a kitchen that makes your dogs more comfortable.

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We have all seen built-in feeding stations, but this one really picked it up a notch by color coordinating it with the tile backsplash, I love it! This is truly dog décor for the designer pooch.


Dog décor for feeding

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This reminds me of a client I had years ago with a giant sheepdog named Jolly. This dog was so big they had a whole room tiled with a drain in the middle of the floor just to bath him. I like this design much better because it actually puts the dog at the right height so you do not have to bend over.


Dog décor for washing your dog.

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Our dogs get in the pool on floats and float with us, but if we didn’t have a large pool I think my dogs might really like this on a hot day.


Dog Décor - swimming pool.

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My dogs want to be with me everywhere and when I am sitting on the dock sunning, my dogs get very heated and that is not good for them. This rocking chair with the built-in dog bed is a safe solution for hot days.


Dog Décor - rocking chair.

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My dogs follow me all over my home just wanting to be with me. Finding the right design solutions for our furry best friends is the least we can do for them. They give us unconditional love and deserve the best that we can do for them.

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