DIY Holiday Switch Plate to Add The Finishing Touch to Any Room

DIY Holiday Switch Plate to Add The Finishing Touch to Any Room

Throughout my career as an interior designer, I really focused on the details to any room design and something that always bothered me were ugly light switches and electrical plates. A couple of years ago I found a company who offered a solution to electrical plates as well as showed leadership in providing clean design systems for electrical networks for people where they live and work.

Smart Electrical Outlets

I was so impressed with their innovation in designing a smart electrical outlet with offset plug placement. As any girl knows, you often need to plug in your blow dryer and curling iron at the same location.

Needless to say, I replaced all of my switch plates and outlets in my home with Adorne by Legrand product and with their large library of finishes, I was able to match my décor in every room. My Adorne switch plates give me the ability to change out my existing plate to a custom one that I can design to reflect my seasonal inspiration.

DIY a Custom Switch Plate

My holiday plate reflects the need for peace, love and hope in our world.

The Adorne custom plate kit includes what you need to replace your old switch plate. This how-to video walks you through the steps of designing your custom wall plate insert. While you’re adhering your new custom insert to the plate, you want to be aware that one of the horizontal strips on the insert is slightly wider.

Be sure to align before adhering to the plate. Once you are finished designing your custom switch plate, it’s very easy to swap out switch plate looks if you already have an Adorne plate installed. You will simply take a flat head screwdriver and pop off your existing Adorne by Legrand plate and replace it with your custom plate.

This project can be loads of fun doing with small children and can create lasting memories from the holidays.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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