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Let citrus inspire you in ways that don’t involve eating it!  Oranges can be beautiful for design, just as well as tasting magnificent fromOrange Juice or recipes.

Here are some centerpieces that feature the oranges with flowers, cut up, or as the design themselves.

Oranges And Flowers

Traditional centerpieces feature flowers, but when taking a creative turn and using your oranges as muses for your decor, flowers are still a nice combination with them.

This beautiful bright orange centerpiece has cut up pieces of oranges in the vase taking place of either dirt or water or greenery, and growing from it visually appears to be a gorgeous set of flowers.


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This centerpiece also features the oranges sliced and pushed to the bottom with orange tulips and different shades of orange flowers.


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This elegant table has a theme of orange colors, with orange flowers, drinks, and place settings, but also tiny little mini citrus versions of oranges attached as well.


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This beautiful orange styled centerpiece is contracted by a side piece of oranges piled in a vase and exist as the oranges themselves, but the two together work as a gorgeous team.

oranges and flowers

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Oranges Gone Solo

The oranges on their own accord can be a beautiful centerpiece without any need or desire to be coupled with flowers.  These next few pictures showcase how lovely oranges can really be on their own.

The oranges in this picture are featured in numerous ways, as a base for the flowers, as the flower on it’s own, and a plant styled centerpiece design.  With contrasting colors and textures it’s a lovely combination.

orange centerpieces

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This is a simple yet up scaled version of a simple bowl of fruit.  The oranges and lemons with the contrast of the green leaves and flowers make it a beautiful centerpiece.


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This is a simple yet elegant technique.  The tall glass vases feature the oranges uncut in their natural form, but still looking regal and reformed in it’s setting.


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