Beer Stein Trends

Beer Stein Trends

Collecting is a fine hobby to endure, and collecting rare, beautiful, and interesting beer steins is one that many beer drinking enthusiasts have taken up.  Here today we have an article explaining how the trend has been growing and changing.

Trends In Beer Stein Collecting

The trend to collect beer steins over the last few years has been gaining momentum. You might think it is just beer enthusiasts that collects them but it is actually becoming an interest of many people who just use them for decoration. What may surprise you is that women probably purchase the steins by close to a 4 to 1 margin over men. I’ve found this to be true on my site as well as a top competitor’s site.

Beer Stein Trends

Beer Steins for the Home

We have had several steins of our own for over 10 years now displayed in a glass case in our living room that have never had a liquid in them. Lots of times when I’m watching TV, I notice beer steins in the background especially bar and tavern scenes. I believe one of the reasons they are becoming so popular is the many different designs and styles you can get them in which makes them perfect for collecting.

Beer Steins for Bars and Taverns

It’s not only the home that the trend seems to be gaining popularity but also bars and taverns. Some bars have their own custom designed steins you can purchase which lets you start a collection of the pubs you have visited. Some of the local pubs might even have a case or display on their wall so that you can have your stein there for your visits for your beer drinking enjoyment

What type of stein should you buy? Well if you want to be a true collector I recommend that you just purchase authentic German beer steins. Someone might tell you that any stein will do. What do you think will impress people more, a Ferrari or a Chevy Spark, both will get you where you want to go but one with a lot more style. It’s the same with steins, the authentic German stein may cost more but it’s handcrafted and hand painted and much more impressive.

John Bosch is the Owner of “The Beer Stein Shop”

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Well, I just qualified for medicare so that tells my age. I have a wife, two kids and 4 grandchildren that make raising kids all worth it. It gives me and my wife something worthwhile to start out everyday for. Both of my parents were from Germany so that is what got my interest in Beer steins and German travel.

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