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Interviewing André Teoman – Creator of Unique & Emotional Objects


Today we’re interviewing André Teoman, an award-winning Portuguese designer who strives for a creative approach to the unexpected. I ask André a few questions about his thoughts on his work.

Interviewing André Teoman

André, how did you find your path in this career?

I don’t think I’ve always known what it was to be a designer. But from my earlier days, I’ve been involved with different creative fields, from puppetry, photography, illustration to music. My whole family is very connected to the arts. If I remember correctly, the first profession I remember that I wanted to follow was actually architecture. I loved the feeling of creating buildings that were born in my imagination and then came to life, it was fascinating. But somewhere around my 14 years, I meet a designer, my teacher actually, and I fell in love with what he did. It was so much more liberating, I could create everything around me. And from that day on I’ve been living my dream.

What direction do you seek to take your designs in?

I get bored easily. I like to always be creating and follow the production of the pieces next to the suppliers and craftsman. I intend to show the world unique, bold and iconic design-art pieces. I aim to bring a new sight to the debate between art and design, with wicked points of view and refreshing concepts to bring more functional art to the world. Striving to achieve a sense of humor, is crucial to appeal and seduce all kind of art and design lovers.

Where can we find your work?

All the pieces can be bought directly from the studio or in exclusive stores.You can always expect something unique in the years to come, from pieces to partnerships, new fun stuff is on its way for sure.

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