Daily inspirational thoughts to set intentions.

DISAPPOINTMENT only happens when there is EXPECTATION. Today I will have NO expectation of what should be and wait with anticipation of what will be.PATTYISM

November 13th, Daily Intention

Let the universe show you the way!      
CREATIVITY is in everyone. Some of us figure out how to bring their creative self to the surface and others can't believe it is there. BELIEVE it, CREATE it, and watch your WORLD become what YOU make it! PATTYISM

November 12th, Daily Intention

Create your own reality!  
Give HONOR to our veterans. They are the BRAVE, the BOLD, the BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU, PATTYISM
GRAVITY keeps us grounded, but it is GRATITUDE that keeps us REAL. I give gratitude to you my friends and to this day that allows me to share space with ALL those that make me SMILE. PATTYISM

November 10th, Daily Intention

Gratitude to friends, I honor you today.  
I will ACCEPT everything in my path today, from a hug to a hurdle, knowing that ALL lessons are good as long as I achieve personal growth. ACCEPTANCE is one of the key elements to happiness.PATTYISM

November 9th, Daily Intenetions

ALL lessons are good, ACCEPT and evolve from the experience.    
FRIENDSHIP is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Sharing time with a friend fills your world with laughter. Cherish your friendships because they are a blessing, old and new. Cultivating friendships enriches our lives which opens our hearts to making room for one more! PATTYISM

November 6th, Daily Intention

Open your HEART to one more friend!
Hating the hater only makes you the hater. When you react to negativity you only feed the fire. Deflect hate with LOVE, it's infectious! PATTYISM

November 5th, Daily Intention

Today I will grab my hater deflection cape, open my HEART to spread the LOVE.      
When you stop communicating & listening to one another the atmosphere becomes stagnate. Open your HEART to receive all voices, giving RESPECT to their words. Communicate your thoughts without insult allowing LOVE to carry your message. PATTYISM

November 4th, Daily Intention

Giving respect to another's words is a must to receive their respect.    
CONFIDENCE is SEXY. Be the woman a man needs, not the woman that needs a man! PATTYISM

November 2nd, Daily Intention

To all the lovely ladies out there, this ones for you.    
The road to success starts with believing in yourself first. Today I will believe in my own ability and there will be no limits as to where I go to find my greatness! PATTYISM

October 30th, Daily Intention

You are BEAUTIFUL my friend, know it, feel it!    
Relationships take time to cultivate and can be devastated in one hasty action. Give importance to the ones who truly get you, they are a rare and awesome gift! PATTYISM

October 29th, Daily Intentions

Friendship is a wonderful gift and needs to be honored and respected.      
LIFE has a way of righting what is wrong. Some people call this "karma". I think it is life's obstacles that teach us how to be better. PATTYISM

October, 28th Daily Intention

It has never sounded right to me when people say that karma will get you, it just feels negative to me, almost like they are wishing bad to someone.