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3 Things You Don’t Need to Do for “We Buy Any Home” Cash Buyers

When you receive an offer for your home from cash buyers, there’s a different set of circumstances that come into play in the sale of your house. Even though you may love do-it-yourself projects simply for the challenge or to increase your sale value, you might not need to if you’ve received a cash offer for your […]

6 Ways to Use Glass Designs to Transform Your Home

Glass designs in your home allow attraction and reflection of light off surfaces, which completely changes the way your room looks and feels. Designers often use glass to direct daylight to illuminate and heat rooms. Here is a list of ways to include exciting glass designs in your home. Brighten Your Home with Innovative Glass […]


Designing the exterior of your home with James Hardie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of James Hardie. All opinions are 100% mine. It is often said that a home is an extension of oneself, and James Hardie is a company that is seeking to help people decorate the outside of their homes with beautiful fiber cement siding and trim […]

Plumber Selection; 3 Tips to Choose the Right One

When you make your plumber selection, there is usually an emergency. An online search will show many plumbers in your area, but don’t choose one at random. We suggest that you do more than cross your fingers and hope that the plumber you select does a good job. Instead, do your research before you hire. Here are […]

Summer Style for Your Home; 3 Quick Tips

Summer style is the brightest and most fun of all styles. It is a time for fun activities like swimming, vacationing and enjoying the sun. But for many, it is also the perfect time to make a few design changes to their homes. Follow these quick and easy ways to enhance your home for summer […]


Garage Floors and Organization; Get Yours in Shape

Your garage floor needs maintenance too, just like the rest of your home. There is nothing more unsightly than a garage floor that is badly in need of repair. How long has it been since you were happy to open your garage door? If you avoid the view, it’s a sure bet that you need […]


How to Design Summer Bedroom Style

For many of us, summer invokes thoughts of clear blue skies and leisurely time spent on a shore. Blue isn’t just part of Mother Nature’s summer lookbook though. A cool color pallet also influences a cooler feeling environment. In fact, whites and cool colors together help the room feel elevated, like a breath of fresh […]

Simple Ways To Avoid Frustrating HVAC Issues

When the summer arrives, it can bring with it an intense humidity. As temperatures rise, you are most likely going to want to learn about different ways to keep yourself and your family members cool and comfortable while at home. Without a functional HVAC system, you are going to have a much more difficult time […]

Home Design Ideas to Update Your Home

Your home is your oasis from the worries and cares of the world. You come to your home every day after work and you’re ready to relax and enjoy the setting. What happens if you’re not liking the look of your home anymore? Maybe you’re considering an upgrade on your appliances or you want to […]

Wood Flooring Trends for 2018; What’s HOT!

Wood flooring seems to always be on-trend, but what does change is the finishes and patterns that are popular. What’s really nice is that it comes in different plank sizes and lengths which can drastically change the overall look and feel. Parquet floors can create elaborate patterns. The trick to selecting the right wood flooring […]


Top Tips for Creating a Modern Home

For many people, their home is their pride and joy, which they will have saved much money over the years to invest in and make their own. Part of what makes a home a home is keeping it up to date with your personal style, as well as matching this to the ever-evolving modern style […]

What the Best Stainless Steel Ice Buckets Have in Common

Ice buckets are one of the most important party accessories that every host should own. But with all the talk about which brands of ice makers are best, or what type of ice goes well with a particular cocktail, people forget about their ice buckets. However, ice buckets, especially stainless steel, ensure that your party […]