Bird Houses to Brighten Your Outdoor Decor

Bird houses are a great way to decorate your outdoor spaces while bringing a bit of nature into your yard. Enjoy watching the birds create their homes, lay and hatch their eggs, and move about in their natural environment.

Here are a few traditional and creative bird house ideas for your backyard.

Planter Bird House

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This bird house serves two functions, a charming bird house and a beautiful planter. What a cute and functional design!

Tin Can Bird Houses

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These cute and crafty tin can houses can be used as a bird house or feeder! Transform these adorable bugs into bird feeders by placing seed inside!

Vintage Bird Houses

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Add a bit of a vintage feel to your backyard with these 1950’s camper houses. It is a cute conversation piece to your backyard decor.

Traditional Bird House

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Add a cute paint job to your traditional bird house to add some color and interest to your outdoor decor.

High Rise Bird House

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Place your bird houses atop various height posts for an adorable grouping that will brighten up your backyard decor.

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