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Backyard Patio Design Ideas

The backyard is one of the top destinations this summer – so, here are some design ideas to help you get your backyard patio looking like it was ripped from the pages of a home decor magazine!

Indoor Design Outside

Your backyard patio can feel like an extension of your home. Look at this example – the layout and furniture choices look just like a great room, complete with a sofa seating, accent tables and a dining table:


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Have Fun with Your Design Style

The backyard is supposed to be fun! So, play with your style choices on your backyard patio. Try an Asian-inspired theme like this, with a low table, floor cushions and interesting shapes hanging overhead:

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Maybe movie night is more your thing?


Backyard Patio Design Ideas

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Plan for Plenty of Patio Seating

The better your backyard patio looks, the more you’ll find it packed with guests! So, be sure to plan for enough seating. This example has some great built-in benches that help split up spaces and offer extra seating:


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Small Space Patio

We love this example for those of you with small spaces – especially for anyone renting – the decor on this backyard patio is simple, functional and portable! The flower pots offer color and additional privacy. The table is sized just right for a few people – but the additional folding chairs easily stash away in a corner and can be brought out for extra guests. When it’s time to move – your decor goes with you since none of it is built-in:


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Minimalist Patio Design

A backyard patio doesn’t have to be covered in flower pots and colorful furniture. For those of you that love minimalist style, your backyard patio can remain simple, sleek and stunning like this example:


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