Share From the Heart in Your Country Kitchen

Your kitchen is the soul of the home and what better way to express yourself than to display the items near and dear to your heart. In these attractive and welcoming country kitchens we see everything displayed from china to milk glass – likely passed down from previous generations.

A simple and expressive way to get this look is to include a hutch in your decor. Here are a few designs we fell in love with… to provide you some inspiration.

Of the Earth

Using neutral tones and natural surfaces this country kitchen boasts a rich and homey feel.

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Shabby Chic

This distressed, red and white compilation screams country living! A shabby chic design combines the feel of good ol’ home cookin’ with luxury, while keeping us close to our roots.

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 Contrasting Colors

Using a colored or textured backdrop is a great way to display your white dishes, china, or milk glass.

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