Bring the Beach to Your Sun Room Decor

Bring a bit of the beach to your sun room using ocean-inspired decor. We pulled this grouping together to help inspire your own creative juices. Learn how to pull everything together, where to start and what to look for when decorating your favorite spaces.  Click on the images to learn more about each item.

Sun Room Decor

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Start planning your sun room decor by choosing a focal point.  We fell in love with this tropical scene of a boat being restored.  The trees and surrounding foliage bring a serene setting with bright contrasting colors that add an interesting dimension.


Bringing in elements of nature was a great way to tie this look together.  These end tables add both function and whimsy to our sun room decor.

Tie your color scheme together by choosing one or two of the colors from the item you chose as your focal point.  Repeat those colors sporadically throughout your decor.


These lamps bring in an extra splash of color along with a touch of warm lighting to soften your sun room decor.  The glass balls at the base of the lamp reminded us of sea glass.


Bring in texture and warmth to your sun room by using an over-all patterned area rug.  This textured rug reminded us of a sandy beach and brought us directly to the seaside escape we created in our sun room.


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