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7 Ways to Use Rustic Designs for Your Cafe

7 Ways to Use Rustic Designs for Your Cafe

If you have a cafe, and want a truly unique style, then the rustic design is perfect for you. Here are 7 ways to use rustic designs to spruce up your cafe.
Mixing Vintage & Contemporary Décor

Top Tips for Mixing Vintage and Contemporary Décor

If you want to mix vintage and contemporary décor, you've come to the right place. After all, if you know anything about interior décor, you know just how important proportion and balance are to your final outcome. Mixing vintage and…
Create Your Dream Vintage Bedroom
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6 Beautiful Styles to Create Your Dream Vintage Bedroom

A vintage bedroom is a perfect place to escape the modern stressful life. Create a pretty vintage bedroom for the charm and attraction of the soft accessories, period furniture, classic shades of paint and sheets, homemade items, and unique…
Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage Fashion Style That Stands the Test of Time

Back in the 40’s and 50’s women looked uber glamorous.  Hair and makeup were absolutely perfect and the pinched in waist and pencil skirt look was everywhere.  A girl’s best friend was a pair of high heels and some red lipstick.…
Elements of a Vintage Bathroom
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Vintage Bathroom Design: Keeping it Classic

Although a lot of people are looking for modern bathrooms these days, the classic look is still in style. In fact, a lot of homeowners are going vintage when it comes to their bathroom. However, when you do decide to renovate your bathroom,…
How Vintage Design Adds a Personal Touch

How Vintage Design Adds a Personal Touch

Vintage is a personal taste and can vary from traditional antiques to something with more of a retro feel and anything in between. Finding antiques to add to your collection adds a personal touch to your decorating style.  See what our readers…