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4 Interesting Reasons Why Rugs Are So Expensive

4 Interesting Reasons Why Rugs Are So Expensive

If you’re rug or carpet shopping for your home, we invite you to continue reading to learn a few reasons why rugs are so expensive.
Southwestern Area Rug Design Basics

Southwestern Area Rug Design Basics

How many times do you step into a room and fall in love with a rug? Rugs are a wonderful addition because they serve as decoration and provide warmth and comfort in your home. Moreover, a Southwestern area rug design is a thing of beauty for…
Learning the Difference Between Oriental and Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs vs. Oriental Rugs: What’s the Difference?

There are area rugs, and then there are rugs you invest in. Examples of the latter are authentic Persian rugs and oriental rugs. Don't forget that a good antique Persian or oriental rug generally appreciates in value over time. Of course,…
The Story Of Symbols Told By Moroccan Berber Rugs

The Story Of Symbols Told By A Moroccan Berber Rug

Morocco is famous for its beautiful Moroccan Berber rugs. If you visit the country, you will come across many carpet shops and enthusiastic sellers. These products are popular all around the world because they represent a blend of beauty and…
Comfort Products for Your Home

3 Comfort Products Your Home Might Be Missing

Everyone likes to feel comfortable and we strive to find ways to increase comfort to our body, mind, and soul because feeling comfortable gives your mind rest and makes you an overall healthier person. There are many products that bring comfort…
How to Buy the Perfect Mattress for You

How to Buy the Perfect Mattress for You

We don't choose the beds we are born in but thanks to all the different styles of beds available, we choose the ones we sleep on today. However, to make the best choice, you need a mattress buying guide to help guide you when you search for…
Accents of Black & White Home Decor
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Accents of Black & White is Hot in Home Décor

Accents of Black & White make a strong statement to any room design. This combination can lend itself to any design style such as traditional, contemporary or transitional. Whichever style you chose it will be important to find the…
Finding the Right Upholstery Cleaning Company

Upholstery Cleaning

I am sure you can imagine what everything looked like after not having been cleaned for a long time. Yes, it was time for upholstery cleaning!