How to Create Energy Efficient Homes
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Energy Efficient Homes Are Easy to Create

Many of us have experienced the dread of opening up our energy bills each month. With trepidation, we open that devilish brown envelope to await our financial fate. Fortunately, we can make life easier for ourselves and our wallets by cutting…
Understanding Sustainable Waste Management
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Understanding Sustainable Waste Management

“We are such spendthrifts with our lives, the trick of living is to slip on and off the planet, with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer,…
Green Parking Designs Beautify City Living

Green Parking Designs Beautify City Living

Green parking designs are popping up around the world as the environmental movement grows to improve urban planning.
What Makes Microfiber Cloths Green

What Makes Microfiber Cloths Green?

Research shows that the average United States citizen has an ecological footprint of 9.0 global hectares, or 23 acres, which equates to more than 17 football fields. This is almost double that of the average European citizen (which is still…
Go Green Bring the Garden Inside for Health and Beauty

Go Green: Bring the Garden Inside for Health and Beauty

Living walls, container-grown vegetables, blooming flowers, and air-freshening greenery can enhance your decor, improve your health and boost your brain power. Bringing your garden indoors is easier than you might think with modern growing…
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David Pompa – Contemporary Design with Mexican Heritage & Craftsmanship

David Pompa was recently recognized as a rising talent at the Maison & Objet show in Miami for his beautiful cultural designs using the environmentally friendly materials, barro negro, talavera, woven plastics, and handblown glass. His…
Your Eco-Friendly Home

Make Your Neighbors “Green” With Envy On Your Eco-Friendly Home

The green movement has gradually become more of a lifestyle choice than just a short-lived trend. This is partly due to the fact that manufacturers have met consumer demand with great force. There are so many eco-friendly products and services…