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Looking to spruce up your home and breath new life into the rooms you’ll be spending much of this fall and winter in? Consider painting one or more of your favorite rooms using these gorgeous fall color pallets:

Cool and Modern

Fall colors don’t have to be brown and rustic… this color combination from Jennifer Ott proves that with its greys and blues with a pop of orange:


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Purple Dusk Sky

Again debunking the myth that brown is the only color for fall, this pallet from Yolo is a warm set of purple hues with a contrasting set of pale greens. They reminded us of that color the sky turns just before sunrise!

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Lush Jewel Tones

If you love color, now is the time to soak your walls in deep jewel tones and accent your room in rich color combinations like this:

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 Modern Mood Setting

417HomeMag published this pallet based on the recommendations of Sharon Cates, a color specialist at Seminole Paint and Décor Center in Springfield, and Elizabeth Hill, sales and marketing director at Hill Painting, LLC in Marshfield.

We love what this does for those with a modern or contemporary style. Using the color combos they suggest along with your wide open spaces, clean lines and white or neutral bases – these fall colors will really help your space come to life:

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Not Sure What to Color Combo Works Best for You?

Our very own Patricia Davis Brown can help! Her color consultations can be conducted in person, or online using Skype. She’ll take a look at your current style, take time to understand the look you want to achieve and provide you with a combination of paint colors you can follow.

(Take it from those of us that have painted and re-painted again – getting expert direction before you paint saves a lot of time and money!)

Call now to schedule your appointment with Patricia: 772.299.4401

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