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Sometimes design inspiration comes from witnessing amazing scenes – when we travel, read books, flip through magazines or search the internet.

And, other times, we can be inspired by something as simple as our own hands.

These independent artists (found on RedBubble.com) found their inspiration in their own hands and the hands of those around them…

ONE DAY……. by Mugsy

One day, Dad
I’ll have hands just like yours
One day, Dad
They’ll be as strong as yours
One day, Dad
I hope to be a man like you
Loving husband
Caring father
These tiny hands of mine
So new to the world
Can feel that Love and Gentleness
Of a real man

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Ancient Meditation by Antaratma Images

Hands forming an ancient meditation mudra hand form.


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Ball of Life by BigRPhoto

This is a water balloon busting in my sons hand.

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Adornment by Naomi Kevin

Hands of an Indian bride decorated with henna and jewellery.

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Get inspired by your own hands, their beauty and the gorgeous designs you can create with them!

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