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Kitchen Color Trends are Bright with Colored Appliance Choices in 2018

Kitchen Color Trends are shown in brilliant colors by ILVE Appliances.

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I am excited to announce a bright new forecast in kitchen color trends. Kitchens are moving beyond white cabinets and stainless steel appliances to an exciting new fresh future of bright hues. That’s right, the mold is broken and rules are breaking! I will be heading to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in January and I expect to see manufacturers showing colors that will make a statement in kitchen design for 2018.

Kitchen Color Trends in Appliances 

Verona Appliances

Stainless steel has been the color of choice for designers and homeowners over the last two decades but that’s about to change. If you want to make a statement in your kitchen by popping color, there is no better way than to use an anchor appliance like the range to do it. Verona Appliances, a luxury appliance brand produced in Italy is giving you the color pallet choice to do just that.

If you are feeling cautious about a bold color choice on a major element in your kitchen such as a cooking appliance, then why not start small by making a statement with a neutral color, such as True White with contrasting cabinetry. Colored cabinetry is forecasted to trend in 2018 too, and with a white range as a focal point, it will create that “Wow Factor” everyone wants in their new kitchen. What’s great about the new color in kitchen trends is that you get to bring your distinct personality into your design and that ROCKS!

ILVE Appliances

Another brand leading the kitchen color trends in 2018 is ILVE Appliances. ILVE offers a rainbow of color options from 8 standard colors to over 200 RAL custom colors for their three collections, Majestic, Nostalgie and Techno.

Kitchen Color Trends are shown in brilliant colors by ILVE Appliances.

It doesn’t have to be a bright color to make a statement as shown in this kitchen by author Jane Green. Black is powerful, and it contrasts perfectly with the brass trim, knobs and legs shown on the ILVE Majestic range below.

Kitchen Color trends for 2018 is shown well by ILVE's Majestic range in black and brass.

Kitchen Design by Jane Green

As a designer, I honor brands that help me make a statement in designs for my clients, and Verona and ILVE Appliances lead the way with their offering of bold new colors. Playing it safe with color just keeps it typical and who wants to be typical when you can be a disrupter?

Images by DigThisDesign.

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  1. I love that colors is coming back to kitchens. Wether it be appliances, cabinetry and even kitchen backsplash tiles, it is great to have color! Especially with the new 2018 Color of the year being Ultra Violet or what we like to call purple!!

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