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Where to Find Your Design Inspiration

Where do you find your design inspiration?  There are many avenues to consider when developing a style for any given space.  Whether it’s a layout of photos, a work space, or your very own home sweet home, you have to start somewhere or with some thing.

Learn where our expert contributors / interior stylists go to find their design inspiration.  Maybe you’ll find your next idea using their tips!

Online Resources

I regularly use a new site called Pinterest. I am an Interior Stylist and use it for my personal inspiration as well as inspiration for clients. It is like a virtual mood board or scrapbook where you can ‘pin’ your favourite images for inspiration. I find it works really well for my clients to ‘pin’ images of rooms they like, which then helps me design an ideal space that matches exactly with their tastes.

Emma, Interior Stylist, Nest Designs, http://www.nestdesigns.com.au

Refined Elegance

When I design I use a concept as a driving force. This concept is developed once I have met with the client, had them answer a questionnaire answering their likes, dislikes, function of space, etc. This process creates a brief that confirms what the client is trying to achieve.

The next step is to devise the actual concept. In this makeover the overall concept took into account the limitations caused by the size of the rooms,the need to be comfortable yet show a sense of sophistication with a contemporary feel.  The concept then provides guidelines as to selecting appropriate furniture, textures and floor treatment. It stops me as a designer from going off on a different tangent.

Robyn Hawke, Principal, Inspired Spaces, http://www.inspiredspaces.com.au

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