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Retro Furniture – A Contemporary Twist on Vintage Design

Vintage style doesn’t have to carry over into every aspect of your decor. Often times it can be used to accent more modern pieces. In addition, giving a vintage piece of retro furniture some modern flare is a great way to add zest and interest to your decor.

Sascha and Brett Laurenson of Old School Industries, share with us a couple of their upcycled furnishings as well as provide us with a few pointers when we are inspired to add our own unique perspective to a vintage or retro furniture find.

  • Always start with a piece of furniture that is well made. All the retro furniture that you see on our website, OldSchoolIndustries.com.au were originally well constructed furniture items and had good bones. This is an essential starting point.
  • Don’t be afraid to use color! You will see that all the Old School Industries pieces are very bright and vibrant. You are aiming to make a statement piece so be bold!

  • Experiment with different materials. Old School Industries has spent many months trialling various products and finishes before we developed our technique for applying graphic art to furniture. Fabric is a good easy medium to start off with and is easily glued and sealed with over the counter products.
  • Have fun! Let your imaginative side come out! Upcycling is a great way for anybody to be creative and inventive, regardless of your skill level artistically.


Native American Art, Modern and Retro Furniture Pieces by Beverly Solomon

As a designer, I always approach decorating with the same question— how do I (my client) want to feel in this room? Then it is a matter of putting things together in an uncluttered way with balance. You normally expect to see designers using antiques and collectibles to decorate newer homes and apartments. But you can also use newer art and collectibles to decorate a vintage space.

You might find our home to be an interesting example. In our case we live in a wonderful historic home built in 1856 by a famous Texas Ranger. It has stone walls nearly 2 feet thick, hand hewed beams, wooden and Mexican tile floors, etc. We have mixed in modern art and modern furniture with period antiques and Native American art.

About the photo:
The sculptures are by my husband, internationally recognized artist Pablo Solomon. The large painting behind the contemporary couch is by NYC artist Franck de la Mercedes. The rug, lamp and pillows are contemporary and the cabinet is mid 1800s from Santa Fe.

Beverly and her husband, Pablo have been featured in many magazines, including a spot in the Spiegel Catalog’s rustic furniture section. Many thanks to Beverly Solomon, creative director of musee-solomon International Art & Design, for inviting us into her home and sharing her vintage / contemporary twist with us.

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